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"Defenders are the most powerful factor in making human rights a reality" - Navanethem Pillay

Alma Gómez Caballero

Human rights defender who nurtures her ideals in her family environment. She is the daughter of Dr. Pablo Gómez Ramírez, author of the heroic feat of the assault on the Cuartel de Madera (Madera Barracks), September 23, 1965, and the teacher, Alma Caballero Talamantes. From her mother she learned a love of teaching in the classroom, which took her to the Ricardo Flores Magón Rural Normal School, where she became a leader of the student society and national advisor of the Federación de Estudiantes Campesinos de México (FECSM) (Federation of Peasant Students of Mexico). Researcher by conviction and degreed in Education by profession, Alma Gómez is a teacher of life for many generations in and out of the classroom. Her democratic spirit, built around non-negotiable ideals, has made her a noble, congruent, and trustworthy person. She was a member of el Movimiento de Acción Revolucionaria (MAR) (Movement of Revolutionary Action), suffered political repression, and was imprisoned in Santa Martha Acatitla, in the city of México, where she remained for three years as a political prisoner. This situation has permitted her to have a special empathy with the victims who go to the CEDEHM. Over the years, Alma Gómez and her husband Gabino Gómez have participated in the construction of a more just and equal society. They participated in the endowment of land in the city of Chihuahua during their militancy in the Comité de Defensa Popular (Popular Defense Committee), allowing hundreds of Chihuahua families of scarce resources to have access to decent housing. Alma was actively involved as a leader and co-founder of organizations of settlers, peasants, teachers, bank debtors, and women. Among others, she is co-founder of the Primeros Vientos (First Winds) Committee, which preserves and disseminates the memory of the Assault on the Madera Barracks. Alma was the first left-wing deputy in the Congress of the State of Chihuahua, focusing her legislative activity on the auditing of public resources; legislating for the rights of women, girls, boys, indigenous communities, and environmental rights. She was also a consultant to the Argentine Team of Forensics Anthropology (EAAF) for five years, on the project of identification of the remains of women in Juarez City and Chihuahua. Alma has been recognized with the Valentine Gómez Farías Medal and is a reference in the state of democratic struggles for independent trade unionism. From 2005 to 2016 she served as administrative coordinator of the CEDEHM, a position she held until 2016, when she became the Technical Secretary of the General Management of Eduational Services of the State of Chihuahua.

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