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"Defenders are the most powerful factor in making human rights a reality" - Navanethem Pillay

Gabino Gómez Escárcega

Gabino Gómez is a human rights defender of peasant origin from northwestern Chihuahua, who learned with his father the rights to land, the environment, and food sovereignty. He is an agronomy engineer who graduated from the University of Chapingo. His activity as a teacher and director at the Hermanos Escobar College in Juarez City has helped him to train leaders and peasant leaders committed to social justice. Communal land holder and small orchard producer, Gabino Gómez has been a promoter and driving force of actions against neoliberal policies for the Mexican field, such as: the emblematic 55 day horseback ride from Ciudad Juárez to the Zocalo (Main Square) of the City of México (1999); the caravan on tractors from the Chamizal (at the Rio Grande border of El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Mexico) to the Zocalo (2008); the Hunger Caravan made from Juarez City to the City of Mexico (2012); and the National Caravan for the Defense of Water, Territory, Labor, and Life (2015). Recognized as an activist for various social causes and intolerant of injustices, during the decade of the 80’s´s he toured several cities in the United States in solidarity with the movement for the independence of Puerto Rico and for the rights of Chicanos. In those years, Gabino denounced the disappearances of the “Guerra Sucia” (“Dirty War”) in Mexico. In recent years he has participated in the Exodus for the Life from Chihuahua to Juarez City; the Exodus for the Life of Women, from the City of Mexico to Juarez City; and in three caravans convened by the Movement for Peace, with Justice and Dignity. Gabino is also a simple man, supportive, and an ally of feminism, who cemented a simple marriage and political alliance with Alma Gómez. Together they are an emblematic couple who have built a life project of solidarity with social movements. They have participated in the construction of organizational options, such as the Comité de Defensa Popular (Committee of Popular Defense), through which hundreds of families have managed to have homes, services, and schools. Gabino was also a driver of the Frente Democrático Campesino (Democratic Peasant Front); co-founder in 1994 of El Barzón Chihuahua, a combatant organization with a rural and urban presence that defends the environment and the right to decent housing; and the Primeros Vientos (First Winds) Committee. In addition, he was a councilor of the Chihuahua City Council, where he oriented his efforts to the control of public resources. His commitment to women’s human rights made him part of the founding team of the CEDEHM, an organization in which he serves as coordinator of programs to accompany relatives of missing persons, human rights defenders, and forced displacement victims.

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