One year into the disappearance of 13 migrants on the stretch of the Coyame-Ojinaga highway, we demand progress

Chihuahua, Chih., September 26, 2022. On September 25, 2021, 13 migrants traveling to the U.S. on the Coyame – Ojinaga highway were taken, presumably by organized crime groups who are in control of the border region.

Today, we met to demonstrate and demand progress in the case investigation, as well as the involvement of the federal government and that the necessary resources be allocated to deal with the violence in the state border, in a context of macro criminality.

The family members of the thirteen migrants said:

“We are here today representing them, raising our voices for them, because they’re not here. 13 families await an answer.

Our first plea is to the governor and the authorities. What else do we need to do? What door do we need to knock to get help? It’s been one year, and things haven’t changed, there are no answers for us as a family. What needs to happen for you to understand our despair? For you to have a bit of empathy for our plight? We are not a political party, nor do we represent one. We’re just citizens, seeking some peace for our families.

Our second plea is for those who took our loved ones, and their leaders. If for some reason you took their lives, we are assuming that was payment enough for whatever they owed you. But what do we owe you?

Today, you owe us as a family. Please help us. We are not looking for someone to blame.

If there is even just a little love in your heart, think of your mother, your sister, your children, your wife. They may be here, where we are today, asking for help the way we do. Begging for a tip to find you. Please, with our hearts laid bare we ask you to end this. Help us!

And our last plea goes out to the citizens of the state of Chihuahua: why when the evil does something, they good say nothing? Don’t be silent. Speak up and don’t wait until it’s your turn to live this agony and this despair. All we want is to find those we love so much and who were forcibly taken from us. If you have any information, please don’t hesitate to send an anonymous message to the page.


Remember that there is a 2 million pesos reward for whoever has valid information about their whereabouts.”

According to the Chihuahua Prosecutor’s Office, 147 reports of disappearance of migrants were received in 2020 and 2021. 67 were found, while the other 80 remain disappeared. Because we all miss disappeared individuals, ¡we will not stop until they are found!

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Mexico is a country that suffers from a lack of social justice and in which there is still a long way to go to guarantee human rights for all people. Our work is medullary in the demand for truth, justice, and reparation. Continuing this cause is work that cannot cease and doing so requires solidarity and support. If you want to contribute to our cause, you can make your donation through PayPal.

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